Effective Ways Of Boosting The Immune System


The immune system plays a vital role in defending the body against the disease-causing microorganism. However, this system might fail sometime. Your body is more prone to diseases when germs invade it. This means that the immune system must be made stronger for the body to remain healthy.

The following practices will help in boosting your immune system as well as keeping your body healthier.

Quit smokingQuit smoking

Smoking is harmful to your lungs and heart and of the general health of the body. However, intermittent or light smoking might be safer as compared to heavy smoking. There is plenty of harm associated with smoking. Smoking is known for weakening the immune system making your body susceptible to diseases. The chemicals contained in cigarette smoke such as tar and carbon monoxide can interfere with the oxygen levels in the body thereby reducing the amount of oxygen reaching the major organs such as the brain, muscles and the heart. Eventually, your immune system will be suppressed by the damage caused by smoking.


This includes all the physical activities involving your body. The various physical activities play a vital role in strengthening your cardiovascular system, improving your mood, reducing stress, and promoting your immune system. You should run for at least one mile on a daily basis to keep your blood cells and antibodies active. Exercises also help in increasing the circulation of blood as well as triggering the production of hormones which warns the immune when it is attacked by pathogens.
However, you should be careful when conducting as intense workouts could stress your body and thus weaken the immune system.

Sleeping enough

Failure to get enough sleep is known Sleepingfor increasing the chances of infections such as a cold. Research which has been conducted reveal that individuals who rest enough have a strong resistance against the common illnesses. Lack of enough sleep can lead to a high production of the stress hormone. It might also result in inflammation of the body. Disturbed sleep patterns can compromise your immunity.

Eating right

Nutritious diet plays a key role in improving the immunity of the body. There are certain nutrients which help in improving the chances of the body in fighting germs, viruses and bacteria.
The immune system can be improved greatly by eating a balanced diet. You should eat more fruits, leafy greens and vegetables. These foods are rich in vitamins E, C, and A, all of which help the body in fighting off infections.