A path in ad operations


In spite of the unpredictability of the global economy, digital advertising and other ad operations remain a top career choice. Briefly described are a few reasons why ad ops might seem like a good idea when looking for your first job.

Their importance

In most companies, the ad ops department is tasked with controlling and operating the ad servers. All other departments of the company greatly rely on them directly or indirectly. The ad ops are a data hub containing vital information that assists in decision making. For instance: the marketing taking their internal promotion live; billing or finance group seeking accurate past reports or records; or the sales team trying to figure out recent consumer trends. For the company management to come up with any strategic approach, they must have gone through ad server data.

Great for growth

workingAd ops offer a perfect opportunity for developing your skills. It creates a lot of opportunities for advancing your career. You can rise vertically within the Ad Ops ladder by rising to a managerial role. Experienced Ad Ops individuals can work in technology companies as client service leaders. Being able to understand how complex technology integrations that heavily involve inter-departmental cooperation gives you an advantage in the job market. You can thus perform project management roles or even end up as implementation specialists.

Career flexibility

A good number of people who have previously worked in Ad Ops can easily make the transition to sales and marketing. Having a strong foundation in analytics, reporting, and ways of campaign optimization, they easily blend in. On the horizontal ladder, there are several additional career opportunities. Most involve the Ad Ops guys moving from a publishing role to an agency or tech role.

Whatever the level of ad operations, there are several jobs available whether you have experience or not. At the entry and junior levels there a wide range of job opportunities available. This makes it perfectly suitable for inexperienced workers or graduates. Graduates can work as digital media organization traffickers. This will teach them all they need to know about the workings of ad servers, debugging flash files, etc.


Advertising businessTo have an edge in modern day advertising, companies have to be smart. The industry remains highly dynamic, and consumer trends and likes keep shifting. There is a new breed of tech-savvy workers who exhibit a high level of flexibility at the work place and can perform both on the technical and business side. Ad Ops mold people in the digital advert industry with skills that place them on the path to be future leaders.

Just over a decade ago the digital advert industry hardly exceeded $10 billion, today it has grown threefold and its expected to reach fivefold in the next few years. Within this industry, we have witnessed incredible growth in the real-time bid platforms, mobile advertising, social media, and data management. Most of these jobs require ad operational expertise. With the expansion of automation, a lot of jobs are vanishing to tech related industries. With Ad Operations, the future remains bright.