Why Playing More Games Is Better For Us


By definition, video games are manipulating an electronic device that controls the computer program on a television screen for entertainment. Games are greatly connected with video game consoles and lazy people. Hometownstation website discusses the impacts of playing video games in our society.

There is also an everyday norm that games are known to promote violent behavior in society, and by looking at recent news, significant crimes are connecting criminals and video games because suspects own videogames on their homes.

Videogames are Bad

Videogames have a lousy reputation in relationships because it is said that lovers conduct themselves poorly while they are playing videogames. Foul language is also a negative aspect of playing videogames because it exposes children to the harsh language that are not suitable for young players. But the worst misleading perception that people have about video games is they are unsightly in our cultural landscape.

Games in Ancient Times

game playA historian demonstrated the games had preceded society. He mentioned that the first games gave way for our ancestors to form relationships between other people to build communities while improving communication between individuals. Games defined the world to our understanding and have separated the losers from the winners. Survival of cultures is directly related to playing for many years because civilization unfolded and risen from playing.

Scientists mentioned the importance of video games for people, while historians studied the relationship of society to playing games. Studies are carried out to show that board and video games can sharpen our minds by lighting up certain areas of the brain that deal with things like creativity, memory, and focus.

Video Games and Our Brains

In an experiment in China, MRI scans showed that the insular cortex of experienced video game players is functioning at a higher rate than gamers that play casually. This research shows that some players had cognitive abilities that are superior while playing video games. A study similar to this one was done at Princeton University, which reveals that regular gamers completed tasks more successfully and had learning capabilities higher than non-gamers.


With the facts from history and science, it is clear that playing and video games is a massive factor in improving our brains while having fun. These improvements imply that games promise to enhance our focus and our performance at our jobs. Video games might not be such a bad thing to do to de-stress, but it also improves our thinking abilities.