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Types Of Blenders

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Blenders are used for chopping, whipping, whisking and crushing of vegetables and fruits. The sizes of the blenders are arranged from small ones to large ones. The large blenders have very power motors and are used for chopping large quantities. The price of these blenders varies with the size of the blender the powerful blenders have multiple speeds as well as turbo buttons which increase their functionality. These are the various types of blenders

An immersion blender

This is also referred to as the stick or hand-held blender. These are small thin blenders. They are heljuiced on one side while the other side contains the blade. These blenders are mainly used for blending the thinner blender drinks such as smoothies and soups. They are also used in blending the smooth components such as veggies and fruits. The immersion blenders are simple to use, very practical and can be cleaned easily. These blenders are classified into four sub-groups namely cheap hand blenders, powerful stick blenders, commercial heavy duty blenders and the cordless, battery operated blender.

Cheap hand blenders

These are types of immersion blenders which have minimum attachments. They are delivered together with their mixing beaker. They have a simple construction and the materials used in making them are very cheap. Their motor power ranges from 150-250 W. These blenders are mainly preferred for performing simple blending tasks.

Sturdy stick blenders

These are powerful blenders consisting of multiple attachments. They have a compact design, and they are made using high-quality materials. Their motor power ranges from 200-5550 W.

Cordless, battery operated-hand blenders

These are the modern and improved designs of blenders made from quality materials. They are equipped with a rechargeable battery which makes them heavier than the other types of blenders. Also, these blendes have better flexibility and portability since they can be handled easily.

Commercial heavy-duty immersion blenders

This is a larger blender with a smealhaft ranging from 12-21 inches. These blenders have a variable speed which makes the mixing and blending process easier. They are mainly used for preparing large amounts of milkshakes, sauces, and soups. Additionally, the amazing models of these blenders are very portable

Counter top blenders

These blends are also known as jug or jar blenders. They consist of stationary electric jar blenders which are relatively heavier as compared to the immersion blenders. These blenders are used in performing different kitchen tasks such as blending and mixing of various drinks. They are also used in chopping and crushing ice. They are classified into four groups namely small personal blenders, smoothie blenders and the commercial heavy-duty jar blenders.